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VOIPcomplete Launches Hosted IP PBX Solution as SaaS Offering

Rotterdam, the Netherlands -- October 1, 2008 -- VOIPcomplete (www.voipcomplete.com), a leading Dutch provider of hosted VoIP services, today announced that it has launched a hosted IP PBX product line based on Asterisk® open source PBX software spinoffs.

The hosted PBXs are presented as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, which means that customers are paying a monthly fee for the remote service without the need for a long term contract. By combining this with server virtualization technology a flexible and cost-effective solution has been created for the SMB market. Although the solution is designed to give customers and resellers the freedom to configure their own connections for inbound and outbound calling to the PSTN network, they can also use VOIPcomplete's own SIP trunk in their PBX package to accomplish this.

"High-end communication tools like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), PBX-integrated Customer Relationship Management, Unified Communication and Call Center management are now available for small- and medium-sized businesses with our product portfolio. With these tools, every business can improve its efficiency in communication. But we provide our services for a fraction of the costs that traditional PBX suppliers are billing," said Steve Karnadi, VOIPcomplete's managing director.

VOIPcomplete's servers are securely located in a high-available datacenter near the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), Europe's largest public Internet Exchange, for quick ping responses, stability and easy of use around the world.
VOIPcomplete is a tradename of Mezzami B.V. in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. With more than 10 years experience in the internet and hosting industry, Mezzami creates hosted internet concepts based on the growing community of open source applications.
For more information about VOIPcomplete or its new product line, please visit www.voipcomplete.com.
"Their hosted PBX solution gave us the freedom and flexibility we hoped to
gain from Voice over IP..."
Siemen Jongedijk
Catalyse Business Consultants

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