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We offer a Hosted VoipNow package with a multi-tenant PBX offering that is suitable to seemlessly connect all your employees and branches. Its unique features also make it the perfect choice for VoIP resellers. Based on the software from 4PSA VoipNow Professional Edition, this package supports a number of different features that you can configure for your clients. If your client is a reseller, he or she can login to their predefined environment and manage their clients as well. Multitenancy in VoipNow has been setup on four separate levels:

Administrator - This is your role as the VoipNow administrator with complete access to all available features.
Reseller - This level manages all of their client groups.
Client - The individual in charge of creating telephone extensions.
Extension - As the lowest level, these individuals can manage only the basic VoIP features.

Using Asterisk based technology, VoipNow has been extended with all of the features that you need in a PBX solution. Real-time postpaid billing, prepaid billing, calling card support, IVR and call queues are just a few of the features that are included in this complete software package, ideal for those looking to resell virtual PBXs or to manage a multitude of different users at all levels of use. To sign up for your 4PSA multi-tenant PBX, select one of the VoipNow packages below:

VoipNow 50
VoipNow 100
VoipNow Unlimited
Number of extensions
384 MB
512 MB
1024 MB
Disk Space
10 GB
20 GB
40 GB
Included datatraffic
300 GB
600 GB
1000 GB
Patches & Backups
Monthly Price
€ 54,95
€ 79,95
€ 119,95
Initial Configuration

The server has been dimensioned with processor capacity and internal memory to support maximum 300 telephony extensions. The other extensions can be used for callingcard- and/or callback accounts.

Stated memory value is the minimum committed memory. Bursting is optional to 8x the mentioned value.
You can login here to a VoipNow demo server with administrator access:

login: admin
pass: amazeme

VOIPcomplete was designed to be one of the best resources for VoIP resellers, with VoipNow packages in virtual private servers that can be easily upgraded to a larger package without downtime. Because we use Dell server hardware with quad-core Xeon processers and SAS drives in RAID 5, you have a powerful VoIP hosting environment with daily backups to keep the data safe and secure.

You can sign up with no contract commitment to one of our VoipNow packages and start using the 4PSA VoipNow Professional Edition software to streamline your business and the businesses of others, using a telephony service that allows reduce calling costs for home workers and branches that are connected to the hosted PBX.

With no SIP Trunk restrictions you, your employees, and your clients can connect to national or international PSTN lines, as well as configure outbound calling routes for each of your preferred SIP Trunk providers. Everyone using the VoipNow system will be able to control their costs. And on your request, we can configure our own Prepay SIP Trunk in your PBX, allowing you a quality connection to the PSTN Network for less cost compared to the phone companies and other SIP providers.
"Their hosted PBX solution gave us the freedom and flexibility we hoped to
gain from Voice over IP..."
Siemen Jongedijk
Catalyse Business Consultants

SIP Trunking
We offer SIP Trunking to world-wide des
tinations including emergency numbers.

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