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One of the many benefits of VoIP PBX is the free calling between extensions. But if you use your PBX as an office PBX, you will also need a connection to the PSTN network. This connection is known as an SIP Trunk, which stands for Session Initiation Protocol, which is used to set up the Voice over IP connection.

With an SIP trunk, you are able to call fixed, mobile and international phone number, allowing you to reach anyone in the world at any time. Here at VOIPcomplete, we offer our own quality Prepaid SIP trunking service, which can be optionally combined with a Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Number. To view our tariffs, click on the link below:

We support all common codecs, including the G.722 wideband codec for superior audio quality and clarity. When you sign up, we immediately send you a login and password combination as well as the SIP server that you will be using. Once you configure these to your PBX, SIP phone or other SIP-ready equipment, you will start saving on calling costs based on the following table:


International destinations
€ 0.030
€ 0.032
€ 0.027
Cape Verde
€ 0.300
Dutch Antilles
€ 0.220
€ 0.030
€ 0.025
€ 0.035
€ 0.330
€ 0.050
€ 0.040
€ 0.400
€ 0.095
United Kingdom
€ 0.025
United States
€ 0.025

Sign up for one of our SIP trunk startup packages based on the table below. Afterwards, you can add to your call balance for a few easy clicks whenever you need to increase the amount.


SIP trunk call balance
€ 10
€ 25
€ 50
E-mail notification at end of balance
Validity of call balance
12 months
12 months
12 months
Setup costs
€ 9.95
€ 9.95
€ 9.95

The SIP trunking service at VOIPcomplete offers outgoing calls from your VOIPcomplete PBX that can also be used to make direct outgoing calls for your SIP phone. To check if your equipment can be used, contact as at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Do you also need to accept incoming calls to your PBX? If so, order a Direct Inward Dialing (DID) number here. We offer DID numbers from over 50 countries, with a number of different area codes available.

When it comes to VoIP services, adding a VoIP Gateway for incoming and outgoing calls completes your business’s transition towards digital phone service. Our SIP service offers everything you need for proper call origination and VoIP termination (also known as SIP termination) so that your company can use VoIP for every aspect of their business.

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SIP Trunking
We offer SIP Trunking to world-wide des
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