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We like doing business with you, but environmental awareness is a fundamental aspect in the way we offer our services. Why? Because we care about our future. With this in mind:

VOIPcomplete makes optimal use of the availability of hardware by using Virtual Private Servers. Instead of using one hardware box per PBX, this technology makes it possible to run several PBX'es on one high-performing piece of server hardware. However, each VPS has its own OS environment and is not aware of the other VPS'es on that same hardware. We are proud of using this VPS technology which reduces the need for power and cooling by more than 80%.

VOIPcomplete sends no paper invoices, but only invoices by e-mail. We support a digital workflow where paper is used only if it is unavoidable.

VOIPcomplete picked a datacenter that operates climate-neutral: outside air is used to cool the racks when possible, cooling savings are made by using the 'cold corridor' concept, green electricity is used to power the racks and CO2 emission is neutralised by planting new trees and initiating biogas projects.
"Their hosted PBX solution gave us the freedom and flexibility we hoped to
gain from Voice over IP..."
Siemen Jongedijk
Catalyse Business Consultants

SIP Trunking
We offer SIP Trunking to world-wide des
tinations including emergency numbers.

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