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VOIPcomplete delivers the building blocks that make it easy for you to start with business VoIP. Your hosted PBX is the central component delivering the quality communication you are looking for.
Hosted PBX System
As can be viewed in the image, VOIPcomplete delivers 3 core component to ease your migration to VoIP telephony:

1. Hosted PBX: your central telephony switch, not running at your location, but secured in our datacenter.

2. SIP trunk: the connection from internet phone calls to the traditional telephone network. You need a SIP trunk if you want to make outbound calls.

3. VoIP phonenumbers or DID numbers: 'normal' telephone numbers on which you can be reached. You need a VoIP phonenumber if you want to be reachable for inbound calls.

If you take an abstract view, a hosted PBX system can be compared with an business airplane. This is also a system consisting of several components, creating efficiency is its market.


Airplane system
Hosted VoIP
(Hosted) PBX
PBX manager
Internet connection
SIP trunk call balance
Flight number
Telephone number
Fuselage & wings
Virtual Private Server
Baggage capacity
Additional software, ie. CRM, e-mail
Let's take a closer look at this analogy:

Cockpit vs. PBX
The cockpit is the center of command of an airplane. All destination decisions are done from here, the route to take is calculated in advance. We compare this with the PBX system which takes the decisions how a call is routed internally or externally.

Pilot vs. PBX manager
The pilot controls the cockpit as well as the PBX manager controls the PBX. Most of the time the auto-pilot is switched on and the journey goes without interference of the pilot/PBX manager.

Engine vs. Internet connection
The engine is a crucial component in the airplane. It powers the system, also the number of passengers highly depend on the type of engine that is used. The same goes for the internet connection in a hosted PBX system: the higher the dedicated bandwidth of your internet, the more people are able to make quality calls simultaneously.

Passengers vs. Endpoints
The passengers are the primary payload of a business airplane. They need to have all facilities to conduct business during the flight. Compare this to your employees using their IP phones to communicate to your customers and suppliers. They should be able to use all options and facilities for optimal communication.

Fuel vs. SIP trunk call balance
Kerosine is needed to fuel your trip. In analogy you need a SIP trunk balance to be able to make calls to the PSTN network, international or national.

Flight number vs. Telephone number
Every flying airplane has a flightnumber. Sometimes a flight has more than one number, especially when two airlines are working together and each has its own flightnumber for the same flight. Compare this to the telephone number you can configure on your PBX. Here you are also free to connect more than one telephone number to your PBX, even from different countries.

Fuselage and wings vs. VPS
The fuselage and wings are the body and structure of an airplane. They are the foundation of the airplane. You can compare this to the virtual private server (VPS) of our hosted PBX offer: the VPS is the underlying system that works as the foundation of your PBX software. Both the fuselage/wing components and the VPS need inspection periodically to make sure you can continue with a safe journey.

Baggage capacity vs. Additional software
The baggage capacity in a business aircraft is not crucial, but can be of use. The same goes for the additional software installed on some PBX systems. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software which can be used for sales purposes or an e-mail management interface giving you one interface to manage all communication in your company.
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