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We think that your PBX is a mission-critical application for your business. And we arranged our infrastructure with that view in mind. We picked an uplink provider that is committed to provide service and makes sure that gigabit bandwidth will be available even if one router or one transit connection breaks down. In our own infrastructure we have used redundancy on the most common places where failure can take place: two gigabit core-switches are in place to make sure that your PBX stays online if one might fail.

Furthermore your PBX is installed on quality quad-core Xeon Dell server hardware with two powersupplies connected to two different powerfeeds. Also failure of one of the hard drives in the server will have no effect on the availability of your PBX, because a RAID solution spreads the data over several drives. And if one of our network components fails, we are informed directly about it through our monitoring systems. 24x7 is not just a marketing phrase for us, it is our business.

"Their hosted PBX solution gave us the freedom and flexibility we hoped to
gain from Voice over IP..."
Siemen Jongedijk
Catalyse Business Consultants

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We offer SIP Trunking to world-wide des
tinations including emergency numbers.

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